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    1. Phoenix Comedy

      - 20:15 BST @ Royal Festival Hall (iCal, webcal) Angela Barnes, Ciaran Dowd, Ivo Graham, John Kearns, Phil Wang, Rose Matafeo
    2. Sheeps Festive Bash

      - 22:30 GMT (iCal, webcal) Alastair Roberts, Christopher Bliss, Daran Johnson, Emma Sidi, Johnny White Really-Really, Liam Williams, Rose Matafeo, Sheeps
    3. Rose Matafeo - Horndog

      - 20:00 GMT Live @ 2Northdown (iCal, webcal) Rose Matafeo
    4. Gala for World AIDS Day 2019

      - 22:30 GMT Live @ The Pleasance (iCal, webcal) Adam Hess, Bridget Christie, Colin Hoult, Jack Barry, Joe Sutherland, Lazy Susan, Lolly Adefope, Olga Koch, Phil Dunning, Phil Wang, Rose Matafeo, Sara Barron, Sarah Keyworth
    5. DOG PARK

      - 19:45 GMT Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Amy Annette, Lou Sanders, Rose Matafeo, Sara Barron, Tessa Coates
    6. Rose Matafeo: Horndog

      - 20:45 GMT Live (iCal, webcal) Rose Matafeo
    7. The Paddock @ Vault Festival

      - 23:45 GMT Live @ Vault Festival (iCal, webcal) egg, Ele Mackenzie, Emma Sidi, Jack Tucker, Johnny White Really-Really, Jon Pointing, Jordan Brookes, Mat Ewins, Phil Dunning, Phoebe Walsh, Rose Matafeo, Sheeps