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Machynlleth Comedy Festival
Machynlleth Comedy Festival


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    1. Nish Kumar Your Power, Your Control

      until 19:45 Nish Kumar Link(s):
    2. Ania Magliano Absolutely No Worries If Not (Work in Progress)

      until 20:00 Ania Magliano Link(s):
    3. Isy Suttie She’s Alright (Work in Progress)

      until 20:00 Isy Suttie Link(s):
    4. Johnny White Really-Really Catland (Work in Progress)

      until 20:00 Johnny White Really-Really Link(s):
    5. Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares?! (Work in Progress)

      until 20:00 Leo Reich Link(s):
    6. Tessa Coates: Some Worries if Not! (Work in Progress)

      until 20:00 Tessa Coates Link(s):
    7. Ivo Graham My Future My Clutter (Work in Progress)

      until 21:30 Ivo Graham Link(s):
    8. Catherine Bohart This Isn’t For You

      until 22:00 Catherine Bohart Link(s):
    9. Colin Hoult The Death of Anna Mann (Work in Progress)

      until 22:00 Colin Hoult Link(s):
    10. Freya Parker It Ain’t Easy Being Cheeky (Work in Progress)

      until 22:00 Freya Parker Link(s):
    11. Ian Smith Some Talking, Some Shouting and Some Bits In Between (Work in Progress)

      until 22:00 Ian Smith Link(s):
    12. Leila Navabi Composition (Work in Progress)

      until 22:00 Leila Navabi Link(s):
    13. Stuart Laws: Stuart Laws is All In

      until 22:00 Stuart Laws Link(s):
    14. The Paddock

      until 22:15 Ania Magliano, Chloe Petts, Christopher Bliss, Jen Ives, Johnny White Really-Really, Jordan Brookes, Lara Ricote, Leo Reich, Liam & Jonno, Róisín & Chiara, Rose Matafeo, The Delightful Sausage, Vidura Bandara Rajapaksa Link(s):
    15. Siân Docksey We Live in a Human Dream (Work in Progress)

      until 22:15 Siân Docksey Link(s):
    16. Colin Hoult Here I Am (Work in Progress)

      until 13:00 Colin Hoult Link(s):
    17. Edward Aczel Artificial Intellect and other ideas

      until 13:00 Ed Aczel Link(s):
    18. Chloe Petts Transience (Work in Progress)

      until 15:00 Chloe Petts Link(s):
    19. Daran Johnson & Liam Williams: Jonno, Liam and the Void (Work in Progress)

      until 15:00 Daran Johnson, Liam Williams Link(s):
    20. Christopher Bliss Work in Progress

      until 17:00 Christopher Bliss Link(s):
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