The Bill Murray


The Bill Murray is Angel Comedy HQ. A club, pub and hub, open 7 days a week, hosting an eclectic range of the finest comedy around.

The Bill Murray is more than a wonderfully intimate, well proportioned comedy club. It’s also a creative space where comedians can meet, write, rehearse and perform, and where we run comedy courses and comedy projects for our local community. And it’s a lovely pub, serving drinks and snacks every day from 5pm. And of course, there’s comedy…


The Bill Murray
39 Queens Head Street
N1 8NQ


Upcoming Events

  1. Dog Park

    until 19:00 Amy Annette, Charlie George, Tessa Coates Link(s):
  2. Helen Bauer: Grand Supreme Work In Progress

    until 21:00 Helen Bauer Link(s):
  3. Ania Magliano and Will Rowland: Work in Progress

    until 22:30 Ania Magliano, Will Rowland Link(s):
  4. Balls! World Cup Watch Party

    until 21:00 Alexandra Haddow, Joseph Parsons, Vittorio Angelone Link(s):
  5. Night at the Zoo

    until 22:30 Anna-Marie Simonsen, Julia Masli, Lorna Rose Treen, Posey Mehta, Sara Segovia Link(s):
  6. An Hour to Kill

    until 19:30 Andrea Spisto, Dan Lees, John Norris, Jordan Brookes, Julia Masli, Laurie Luxe, Luke Rollason, Paulina Lenoir, Rob Copland, Rob Duncan, Siblings Link(s):
  7. Angel Comedy Social Club

    until 22:00 Archie Maddocks, Khalid Winter, Rosie Holt, Yuriko Kotani Link(s):
  8. Freya Parker: It Ain't Easy Being Cheeky - WIP

    until 19:30 Freya Parker Link(s):
  9. Tim Key: Chrimbo Bimbo

    until 23:00 Tim Key Link(s):
  10. The Paddock

    until 22:00 Link(s):
  11. Angel Comedy Social Club

    until 22:00 Alexandra Haddow, Andy Barr, Ania Magliano, Chris Ryan, Fern Brady, Sarah Iles Link(s):
  12. Dog Park

    until 20:00 Amy Annette, Tessa Coates Link(s):
  13. 110% John Kearns and Pat Cahill: Christmas Special

    until 22:00 John Kearns, Pat Cahill Link(s):
  14. Workout in Progress - Circuit training

    until 19:30 Annie McGrath, Jessica Fostekew, Joey Page, Luke McQueen, Nick Helm Link(s):
  15. Crizards' Crizmas Fundraiser for Refugee Action

    until 22:00 Ania Magliano, Crizards, Helen Bauer, Huge Davies, Jordan Brookes, Sarah Keyworth, Sunil Patel Link(s):
  16. Rhys James: Attempts (WIP)

    until 19:30 Rhys James Link(s):
  17. Angel Comedy Social Club

    until 22:00 Barry Ferns, Chin Wang, David Tsonos, Fern Brady, Fiona Ridgewell, Luke Chilton Link(s):
  18. WIP the Horse(play)

    until 16:30 Derek Mitchell, Horseplay, Kathy Maniura Link(s):
  19. Dog Park

    until 18:00 Amy Annette, Tessa Coates Link(s):
  20. 110% John Kearns and Pat Cahill: Christmas Special

    until 21:30 John Kearns, Pat Cahill Link(s):
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Previous Events

  1. The Paddock

    until 21:30 Baker Terry, Cam Spence, Daniel Simonsen, Muriel, Phil Wang, Stuart Laws Link(s):
  2. Angel Comedy

    until 21:30 Alexis Wieroniey, Fin Taylor, Jon Long, Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes Link(s):
  3. Sara Pascoe: New Stuff/Old Stuff/Progress

    until 22:45 Sara Pascoe Link(s):
  4. Sooz Kempner: Super Sonic 90s Kid

    until 19:45 Sooz Kempner Link(s):
  5. Angel Comedy

    until 21:00 Link(s):
  6. The Paddock

    until 23:15 Annie McGrath, Arnab Chanda, Flora Anderson, Josh Glanc, Lola & Jo, Luke McQueen, Manhunt, Micky Overman, Rob Carter, Sam Campbell, Stuart Laws Link(s):
  7. Foxdog Studios: Robot Chef

    until 18:00 Foxdog Studios Link(s):
  8. 110% John Kearns and Pat Cahill

    until 22:00 James Acaster, John Kearns, Pat Cahill Link(s):
  9. The Night of Nights

    until 22:30 Adam Riches, Ben Target, Dan Cook, John Kearns, Stevie Martin Link(s):
  10. Angel Comedy

    until 21:45 Link(s):
  11. The Paddock

    until 22:45 Ellie White, Jamie Demetriou, Johnny White Really-Really, Josh Glanc, Luke McQueen, Olga Koch, Rob Carter Link(s):
  12. Tony Law

    until 19:45 Tony Law Link(s):
  13. Róisín & Chiara: Back to Back

    until 19:45 Róisín & Chiara Link(s):
  14. 110% John Kearns and Pat Cahill

    until 22:00 John Kearns, Nic Sampson, Pat Cahill Link(s):
  15. Angel Comedy

    until 21:30 Link(s):
  16. The Paddock

    until 22:45 Arnab Chanda, Britney, Cam Spence, Ellie White, Flora Anderson, Lola & Jo, Luke McQueen, Rob Carter, Stuart Laws, Yuriko Kotani Link(s):
  17. The Night of Nights

    until 19:45 Adam Riches, Ben Target, Dan Cook, John Kearns, Stevie Martin Link(s):
  18. Stuart Laws & His Funnier Friends

    until 23:00 Brett Goldstein, Darshan Sanghrajka, James Acaster, Rhys James, Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes, Stuart Laws Link(s):
  19. The Paddock

    until 21:15 Christopher Bliss, Freya Parker, John Reynolds, Johnny White Really-Really, Lolly Adefope, Moon, Phoebe Walsh, Rob Carter Link(s):
  20. Daniel Kitson - Work in Progress

    until 21:30 Daniel Kitson Link(s):
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