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Upcoming Events

  1. Ian Smith - Talking and Shouting (WIP)

    until 20:00 Ian Smith Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/LH9bznTRoq
  2. Sarah Roberts: Worm In Progress

    until 20:00 Sarah Roberts Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/HgjnVoCKkM
  3. Jo Griffin's Pick'n'Mix

    until 20:15 Henry Moss, Isobel Rogers, Jen Ives, Jo Griffin, Mary O'Connell Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/TZ0x2y97XS
  4. 2Northdown's Mic Check

    until 21:45 Celya AB, David Mills, Garrett Millerick, Nina Conti, Rachel Fairburn, Runi Talwar Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/a4XpkEsZY8
  5. Peter Rethinasamy & Rosie Jones

    until 21:15 Peter Rethinasamy, Rosie Jones Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/cV0ht5IPpo
  6. Lorna Rose Treen and Rhiannon Shaw: Characters in Progress

    until 19:00 Lorna Rose Treen, Rhiannon Shaw Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/GKtSQnbh6G
  7. Ivo Graham & Louise Young

    until 21:15 Ivo Graham, Louise Young Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/Xe9s0gxNHB
  8. 2Northdown's £2 Tuesdays!

    until 21:30 Alex Kitson, Davina Bentley, Kathryn Higgins, Katie Norris, Robert Gilbert, Rufus Mcalister, Thor Stenhaug Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/F7BhEug2rN
  9. 2Northdown's Mic Check

    until 21:30 Garrett Millerick, Karen Hobbs, Olga Koch, Patrick Healy, Pope Lonergan, Rosie Holt Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/EFdzLix4OK

Previous Events

  1. Flora Anderson: Romantic (Work In Progress)

    until 20:30 Flora Anderson Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/headrush/flora-anderson-romantic-work-in-progress-20012019/
  2. John Kearns, Stevie Martin, and Naz Osmanoglu

    until 20:00 John Kearns, Naz Osmanoglu, Stevie Martin Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/john-kearns-stevie-martin-24032019/
  3. Ian Smith - Work in Progress

    until 20:00 Ian Smith Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/ian-smith-comedy/ian-smith-work-in-progress-16042019/
  4. Your Comedy Friend - A Variety Show

    until 22:45 Eshaan Akbar, John Kearns, Luke Kempner, Sarah Callaghan, Will Duggan Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/luke-kempner/your-comedy-friend-a-variety-show-25042019/
  5. Tony Law - Edinburgh Previews All Dayer

    until 23:00 Tony Law Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/the-comedy-grotto/edinburgh-previews-all-dayer-06072019/
  6. Cam Spence: The Sunshine Clinic (WIP)

    until 17:30 Cam Spence Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/cam-spence/
  7. Flora Anderson: Romantic (Work In Progress)

    until 18:45 Flora Anderson Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/flora-anderson-romantic-21072019/
  8. Top Flight Time Machine Podcast Live

    until 20:00 Andy Dawson, Sam Delaney, Top Flight Time Machine Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/top-flight-time-machine-podcast-live-09092019-1/
  9. Top Flight Time Machine Podcast Live

    until 22:00 Andy Dawson, Sam Delaney, Top Flight Time Machine Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/top-flight-time-machine-podcast-live-09092019/
  10. Berk's Nest at 2Northdown #07

    until 22:00 Huge Davies, Jack Barry, Jenny Kassner, Kieran Hodgson, Lulu Popplewell, Rhys Nicholson Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/berks-nest/berks-nest-at-2northdown-07-19092019/
  11. Sex Question Mark

    until 22:00 Alexandra Haddow, Rich Spalding Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/sex-question-mark/sex-question-mark-25102019/
  12. Rose Matafeo - Horndog

    until 20:00 Rose Matafeo Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/rose-matafeo-horndog-30102019/
  13. Microscope with Mat Ewins and John Kearns

    until 22:30 John Kearns, Mat Ewins Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/plosive/microscope-with-mat-ewins-and-john-kearns-05112019/
  14. Microscope with Mat Ewins and John Kearns

    until 22:30 John Kearns, Mat Ewins Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/plosive/microscope-with-mat-ewins-and-john-kearns-19112019/
  15. Leo Reich: No Wait! It gets worse (WIP)

    until 20:00 Leo Reich Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/2-northdown/leo-reich-no-wait-it-gets-worse-20022020/
  16. Sarah Keyworth: Work In Progress

    until 21:00 Sarah Keyworth Link(s): https://listings.camdencomedyclub.com/events/2020-03-02-sarah-keyworth-work-in-progress-camden-head
  17. Faye & Fiona Are Thelma & Louise

    until 22:00 Faye Treacy, Fiona Ridgewell Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/NyEU1SRe0Y
  18. Sarah Keyworth: WIP

    until 20:00 Sarah Keyworth Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/XntttDsmyQ
  19. Sarah Keyworth: WIP

    until 19:30 Sarah Keyworth Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/C4oGD9zU5r
  20. Lou Sanders: Work In Progress

    until 20:00 Lou Sanders Link(s): https://www.tickettext.co.uk/FtaBUtK0IF
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