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    1. The Paddock @ Vault Festival

      - 7 Feb 2020, 23:45 GMT Live @ Vault Festival (iCal, webcal) egg, Ele Mackenzie, Emma Sidi, Jack Tucker, Johnny White Really-Really, Jon Pointing, Jordan Brookes, Mat Ewins, Phil Dunning, Phoebe Walsh, Rose Matafeo, Sheeps
    2. The Paddock

      - 25 Feb 2020, 22:00 GMT Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Freya Slipper, Jack Tucker, Johnny White Really-Really, Josh Glanc, Leo Reich, Shelf, Siblings
    3. Stamptown Presents Jack Tucker: Comedy Standup Hour

      - 12 Mar 2020, 21:00 UTC Live @ Moth Club (iCal, webcal) Jack Tucker, Mark Silcox, Zach Zucker