Ben Pope


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    1. Alex & Ben's Midsommar Flower Crown Carousel

      - 20:00 BST Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Alex Mackeith, Ben Pope
    2. Country Mile Comedy Club 62

      - 22:30 BST Live @ The Star of Kings (iCal, webcal) Ania Magliano, Ben Pope, Ele McKenzie, Esther Manito, Glenn Moore, Huge Davies, Jack Chisnall, Lara Ricote, Sam Nicoresti
    3. Berks Nest: The Workshop

      - 21:45 UTC Live @ The Pleasance (iCal, webcal) Ben Pope, Joz Norris, Suzi Ruffell
    4. Brixton Performs presents Micheal Odewale at Downstairs.

      - 21:30 GMT Live @ The Department Store (iCal, webcal) Bella Hull, Ben Pope, Helen Bauer, Micheal Odewale, Priya Hall
    5. Alex & Ben's Valentines Eve Love Carousel

      - 22:00 GMT Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Alex Mackeith, Ania Magliano, Ben Pope, Jo Griffin, Lola & Jo, Lola Stephenson, Olga Koch, Rajiv Karia
    6. Country Mile Comedy Club 58

      - 22:30 GMT Live @ The Star of Kings (iCal, webcal) Ambika Mod, Ania Magliano, Ben Pope, Jacob Hawley, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Leo Reich, Olga Koch, Pierre Novellie, Rajiv Karia