The Star of Kings



The Star of Kings
126 York Way
N1 0AX


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    1. Country Mile Comedy Club 46

      until 22:30 Archie Henderson, Britney, Heidi Regan, Jessica Fostekew, Jordan Brookes, Lola & Jo, Mary O'Connell, Pierre Novellie, Thanyia Moore Link(s):
    2. Country Mile Comedy Club 47

      until 22:30 Chloe Petts, Felicity Ward, Freya Parker, Jacob Hawley, Olga Koch, Rajiv Karia, Sean McLoughlin, Tarot Link(s):
    3. Country Mile Comedy Club 48

      until 22:30 Adrian Gray, Ahir Shah, Ania Magliano, Jack Barry, Janine Harouni, Ken Cheng, Lou Sanders, Mae Martin, Nic Sampson Link(s):
    4. Country Mile Comedy Club 49

      until 22:30 Alex Mackeith, Aurie Styla, Ben Pope, Charlie George, Helen Bauer, Lulu Popplewell, Maisie Adam, Sara Barron, Suzi Ruffell Link(s):
    5. Country Mile Comedy Club 50

      until 21:30 Britney, Fern Brady, Huge Davies, Ian Smith, Izzy Askwith, Leo Reich, Rosie Jones, Tadiwa Mahlunge, Tessa Coates Link(s):
    6. Country Mile Comedy Club 51

      until 21:30 Flo & Joan, Ivo Graham, Jen Ives, Shelf, Sindhu Vee, Stephen Bailey, Stevie Martin, Thanyia Moore Link(s):
    7. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Lou Sanders & Luke McQueen(WIP)

      until 17:30 Lou Sanders, Luke McQueen Link(s):
    8. Catherine Bohart

      until 19:30 Catherine Bohart Link(s):
    9. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Fern Brady & Chloe Petts (WIP)

      until 21:30 Chloe Petts, Fern Brady Link(s):
    10. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Bella Hull, Charlie George & Izzy Askwith WIP

      until 15:30 Bella Hull, Charlie George, Izzy Askwith Link(s):
    11. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Ania Magliano & Leo Reich (WIP)

      until 17:30 Ania Magliano, Leo Reich Link(s):
    12. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Sarah Keyworth (WIP)

      until 21:00 Sarah Keyworth Link(s):
    13. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Olga Koch (WIP)

      until 19:30 Link(s):
    14. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Jordan Brookes (WIP)

      until 21:00 Jordan Brookes Link(s):
    15. Country Mile Comedy Festival: Joe Thomas (WIP)

      until 19:30 Joe Thomas Link(s):
    16. Country Mile Comedy Club 53

      until 21:30 Giants, Mamoun Elagab, Róisín & Chiara Link(s):
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