Jacob Hawley


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    1. Angel Comedy Fridays @ 7pm

      - 20:30 GMT Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Alex Mason, Darran Griffiths, Jacob Hawley, Neil McFarlane, Robyn Perkins
    2. Angel Comedy Social Club

      - 22:00 BST Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Hatty Preston, Jacob Hawley, Lew Fitz, Rosie Jones, Sikisa
    3. Country Mile Comedy Club 58

      - 22:30 GMT Live @ The Star of Kings (iCal, webcal) Ambika Mod, Ania Magliano, Ben Pope, Jacob Hawley, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Leo Reich, Olga Koch, Pierre Novellie, Rajiv Karia
    4. Laughing Around Presents

      - 22:00 GMT Live @ 21 Soho (iCal, webcal) Alexandra Haddow, Esther Manito, Jacob Hawley, Jake Lambert, Josh James, Michael Akadiri