Patrick Spicer


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    1. Micky Overman and Patrick Spicer

      - 20:45 BST Live @ West End Comedy Club (iCal, webcal) Micky Overman, Patrick Spicer
    2. Thirsty Thursdays with Greenalls Gin

      - 21:15 BST Live @ Camden Comedy Club (iCal, webcal) Ania Magliano, Gary Tro, Josh Weller, Joz Norris, Norris & Parker, Patrick Spicer
    3. Laughing Around Presents...

      - 22:00 GMT Live @ 21 Soho (iCal, webcal) Alexandra Haddow, Ania Magliano, Jenny Bede, Muhsin Yesilada, Patrick Spicer, Sarah Callaghan