West End Comedy Club



West End Comedy Club
Upstairs at Covent Garden Social Club, 6-7 Great Newport Street


Upcoming Events

  1. Alfie Brown - Red Flags Galore! (Work-in-Progress)

    until 19:15 Alfie Brown Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/alfie-brown-red-flags-galore-work-in-progress-dec

Previous Events

  1. Olga Koch and Ignacio Lopez

    until 20:45 Ignacio Lopez, Olga Koch Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/olga-koch-and-tba
  2. Tom Ward & Finlay Christie

    until 21:45 Finlay Christie, Tom Ward Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/tom-ward-and-simon-brodkin
  3. Jodie Mitchell & Jordan Brookes

    until 21:45 Jodie Mitchell, Jordan Brookes Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/jodie-mitchell-and-jordan-brookes
  4. Lou Sanders and Carl Donnelly

    until 21:45 Carl Donnelly, Lou Sanders Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/lou-sanders-and-carl-donnelly
  5. Rob Auton & Ania Magliano

    until 21:45 Ania Magliano, Rob Auton Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/rob-auton-and-ania-magliano
  6. Celya AB and Josh Pugh

    until 21:45 Celya AB, Josh Pugh Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/celya-ab-and-josh-pugh
  7. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Aurie Styla, Celya AB, Lily Phillips, Michael Akadiri, Tom Lucy Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/aurie-styla-lily-phillips-tom-lucy
  8. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Charlie George, Elliot Steel, Jake Baker, Maddie Campion, Sarah Keyworth Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/sarah-keyworth-elliot-steel-charlie-george
  9. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Babatunde Aléshé, Elf Lyons, Jay Handley, Kate McGann, Omar Badawy Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/babatunde-aleshe-elf-lyons-jay-handley
  10. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Adam Morrison, Carla Gordon, Eleri Morgan, Emmanuel Sonubi, Olga Koch Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/emmanuel-sonubi-olga-koch-carla-gordon
  11. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Davina Bentley, Hannah Platt, Phil Dinsdale, Sam Picone, Troy Hawke Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/ahir-shah-elf-lyons-russell-arathoon
  12. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Derek Ryan, Garrett Millerick, Lara Ricote, Mary O'Connell, Russell Hicks Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/quincy-lara-ricote-finlay-christie
  13. Rosie Jones and Josh Jones

    until 20:45 Josh Jones, Rosie Jones Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/rosie-jones-and-josh-jones
  14. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Ahir Shah, Elf Lyons, Jessica Aszkenasy, Russell Arathoon, Ted Hill Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/ahir-shah-elf-lyons-russell-arathoon
  15. West End Comedy Club

    until 21:45 Alexandra Haddow, Daman Bamrah, Eddy Hare, Isy Suttie, Natalie Durkin Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/isy-suttie-daman-bamrah-alexandra-haddow
  16. Micky Overman and Patrick Spicer

    until 20:45 Micky Overman, Patrick Spicer Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/micky-overman-and-patrick-spicer
  17. Daniel Cook and Helen Bauer

    until 10:00 Dan Cook, Helen Bauer Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/daniel-cook-and-helen-bauer
  18. Paul F Taylor: Work-in-Progress

    until 19:15 Paul F Taylor Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/paul-f-taylor-work-in-progress
  19. Alfie Brown - Red Flags Galore! (Work-in-Progress)

    until 19:15 Alfie Brown Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/alfie-brown-red-flags-galore-work-in-progress
  20. Hannah Platt: Work in Progress

    until 19:15 Hannah Platt Link(s): https://www.westendcomedy.co.uk/events/hannah-platt-work-in-progress
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