Lou Taylor


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Upcoming Events

  1. Angel Comedy Social Club

    - 22:00 BST Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Alex Bertulis-Fernandes, Barry Ferns, Isabelle Farah, Jack Harris, Lou Taylor, Mat Ewins

Previous Events

  1. Lou Taylor, Katie Norris, & Tam Kelly WIP

    - 20:30 BST Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Katie Norris, Lou Taylor, Tamsyn Kelly
  2. Glad Comedy Club

    - 22:00 BST Live (iCal, webcal) Eshaan Akbar, Josh James, Lou Taylor, Mark Bittlestone, Matthew McAloone
  3. Angel Comedy Social Club

    - 21:30 GMT Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Fiona Ridgewell, Lou Taylor, Marcel Lucont, Nick Elleray, Red Rickardson