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    1. Nick Helm Presents I Think, You Stink!: Resurrected 10th Anniversary Performance

      - 22:00 BST Live @ The Pleasance (iCal, webcal) Nick Helm
    2. 110% John Kearns And Pat Cahill: The Christmas Specials

      - 22:00 GMT @ Battersea Arts Centre (iCal, webcal) Daniel Kitson, John Kearns, Mr Fruit Salad, Nick Helm, Pat Cahill
    3. A Very Helmy Christmas

      - 21:15 UTC Online (iCal, webcal) James Gill, Nick Helm
    4. (Cancelled) The Max & Ivanthology: The Reunion

      - 20:30 UTC Live and Online (iCal, webcal) Max & Ivan, Nick Helm