Heidi Regan


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    1. Angel Comedy Thursdays

      - 21:30 GMT Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Andy Field, Heidi Regan, Micky Overman, Victoria Olsina, Wes Dalton
    2. Comedy Kiss

      - 22:00 GMT Live @ Aces & Eights Saloon Bar (iCal, webcal) Bebe Cave, Heidi Regan, Jessica Aszkenasy, Jordan Brookes, Vix Layton
    3. Knock2Bag Comedy Night At Moth Club With Harry Hill

      - 23:30 GMT Live @ Moth Club (iCal, webcal) Harry Hill, Heidi Regan, Ray Badran, Scaredy Kat, Sunil Patel
    4. Vagabond Comedy 2

      - 22:00 GMT Online (iCal, webcal) Charlie George, Elf Lyons, Heidi Regan, Jordan Brookes, Siblings, Sunil Patel
    5. Deadbeat Comedy

      - 22:30 GMT Live @ Aces & Eights Saloon Bar (iCal, webcal) Alice Brine, Goerge Ridgen, Heidi Regan, John Kearns, Johnny White Really-Really, Tim Key
    6. An evening for SLOW

      - 19:45 GMT @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Heidi Regan, John Robins, Rob Delaney