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Aces & Eights Saloon Bar


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    1. Deadbeat Comedy

      until 22:30 Adam Hess, Brett Goldstein, Lou Sanders, Róisín & Chiara, Tom Basden, Tom Ward Link(s):
    2. Deadbeat Comedy

      until 22:30 Gráinne Maguire, Johnny White Really-Really, Róisín & Chiara, Tom Basden, Tom Ward Link(s):
    3. Deadbeat Comedy

      until 22:00 Link(s):
    4. Deadbeat Comedy

      until 20:00 Harriet Kemsley, Tony Law Link(s):
    5. Mr Fruit Salad & Friends: June

      until 22:30 Harriet Kemsley, Helen Duff, John Kearns, Luke McQueen, Mr Fruit Salad Link(s):
    6. Jenny Bede and Olga Koch Edinburgh Previews

      until 22:00 Jenny Bede, Olga Koch Link(s):
    7. Pierre Novellie and Stevie Martin: Edinburgh Previews

      until 21:00 Pierre Novellie, Stevie Martin Link(s):
    8. Angelos Epithemiou and Christopher Bliss (WIP)

      until 21:00 Angelos Epithemiou, Christopher Bliss Link(s):
    9. Cam Spence and Kat Sadler: Two Previews!

      until 19:00 Cam Spence, Kat Sadler Link(s):
    10. Johnny White Really-Really: Unending Torment!

      until 20:30 Johnny White Really-Really Link(s):
    11. Deadbeat comedy

      until 22:30 Alice Brine, George Rigden, John Kearns, Johnny White Really-Really, Tim Key Link(s):
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