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  1. Joe Davies & Friends

    until 22:00 @ Hatch (link) Brett Goldstein, Gabby Best, Róisín & Chiara, Tommy Holgate
  2. A Lovely Little Comedy Night

    until 22:30 @ Drink, Shop, and Do (link) Gabby Best, John Kearns, Lou Sanders
  3. 110% John Kearns And Pat Cahill

    until 22:00 @ The Bill Murray (link) Gabby Best, John Kearns, Pat Cahill
  4. Gabby Best: Work In Progress

    until 20:30 @ The FA's Comedy Room (link) Gabby Best
  5. Canned Laughter Edinburgh Previews: Lou Sanders and Gabby Best

    until 22:00 (link) Gabby Best, Lou Sanders
  6. Gabby Best: Work In Progress

    until 20:00 @ 2Northdown (link) Gabby Best
  7. HOOPLA FRESH: Gabby Best & John Kearns Ed Previews!

    until 22:00 @ The Miller (link) Gabby Best, John Kearns
  8. Gabby Best: Work In Progress

    until 22:00 @ Vaulty Towers (link) Gabby Best