28th August 2018 @ The Bill Murray

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until 21:30 @ The Bill Murray

An experimental, mixed-bill night. Stuff on stage, stuff on screen. A playground for exciting and innovative performers and filmmakers.


It’s only my second one, but The Paddock is fast becoming one of my favourite shows to go to. Aside from the great acts and short films I really enjoy the host free format and speed with which the show progresses. Go to another show and this would have been 3 hours and started to drag. As it is there were 6 acts and some videos and it lasted just about 90 minutes plus a short interval. Perfect.

As I keep track of these things I note that this was the 49th time I’ve been to The Bill Murray and as usual I got my preferred seat at the front by the fire exit.

Muriel Stuart Laws

They weren’t billed as being on so it was a pleasant surprise to see Cam Spence again as well as Stuart Laws for the first time (doing stand up).

I first saw Cam Spence at this show last month and was just immediately drawn to her as a performer, she’s just delightfully weird (I mean that as nothing but a compliment) and so, so funny; I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.

I’ve really enjoyed Stuart Laws’ shows on next up and now I know that he’s just as good live so will definitely try to see him again. I very much enjoyed the pitter patter of tiny feet but was slightly disappointed that there was nary a gilet in sight.

Cam Spence Phil Wang

(Most of) The Videos