@ The Bill Murray
Amy Annette

I’d seen The Paddock in various listings before but had no clue what it was and having not seen who was on I’d never gone. By sheer chance I noticed that Róisín & Chiara were on (along with Jordan Brookes who had been billed as well but ended up not being on) so I really have them to thanks for turning me on to a wonderful night.

Cam Spence

Often when you have multiple acts on a bill things can drag, but I think the lack of a compere really helps. People go on, do their stuff, get off, the next thing (alternating between a live performance and a film) starts, and it all zips along nicely. I’m hooked.

Róisín and Chiara

As usual Róisín and Chiara were brilliant.
As well as being funny, I just really enjoy watching them perform. They’re fun.

Johnny White Really-Really

Cam Spence was the only person I’d not seen before and I absolutely loved what she did. Bonkers, but wonderfully so. It’s always a joy to discover someone new and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open for a chance to see her again.