@ The Bill Murray

Running Order (To the best of my recollection)

  1. Olga Koch
  2. The Procedure
  3. Moon
  4. Grey Area
  5. Jamie Demetriou
  6. Handcuffs for Poltergeists
  7. Ellie White
  8. Peach Club: Halloween Special
  9. Josh Glanc
  10. Cabin Pressure
  11. Luke McQueen
  12. Darcy A/S/L
  13. Johnny White Really-Really
Olga Koch
Olga Koch
Jamie Demetriou
* Jamie Demetriou
Ellie White
* Ellie White
Josh Glanc
Josh Glanc
Luke McQueen
Luke McQueen
Johnny White Really-Really
Johnny White Really-Really
* Certain images based on original photos by Claire Haigh


The Procedure – Short Film – ***WINNER Grand Jury Award Sundance Film Festival 2016*** from Buzz Pierce on Vimeo.

Handcuffs for Poltergeists – a film by Christopher Bliss from Dan Britt on Vimeo.

Shropshire’s worst novelist has made a spooky film.

Cabin Pressure – Trailer from Matthew Lee on Vimeo.

Adult Swim: Darcy A/S/L from Sophie Koko Gate on Vimeo.