In this episode Martin shows Tom some of his clothes from ‘back in the day’, including a pair of leather shorts that he’s rather keen to see Tom try on. When Martin heads to Tesco Tom’s 3rd guest of the series swings by – Edinburgh Best Newcomer Nominee 2018 – Sindhu Vee (playing her mother Mrs Vee) for a chat about addictions. The bailiffs also pop round looking for money and Tom gets an unpleasant call from his agent. The clock appears to be ticking on his comedy career…and his interview: will he get the fragile and fat Mrs Vee out of the door before Martin returns?

Tom Ward – As himself
Martin – Jeff Innocent
Mrs Vee – Sindhu Vee
Molly Offended – Katie Norris
‘Why don’t you fancy me?’ – Performed by Naomi McDonald & Roisin & Chiara
Bailiff 1 (Ron) – Joe Jacobs
Bailiff 2 (Ray) – Tony ‘Milton’ Wilson
All Music – Lawrence Diamond & Adam Easton (AKA LNLY)

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Another great episode. Martin’s getting interesting.