Toussaint Douglass


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Upcoming Events

  1. Toussaint Douglass: Work in Progress

    - 21:45 BST Live @ 2Northdown (iCal, webcal) Toussaint Douglass

Previous Events

  1. 21Soho Presents...

    - 20:45 BST Live @ 21 Soho (iCal, webcal) John Kearns, Tatty MacLeod, Toussaint Douglass
  2. Knock2Bag Comedy Night

    - 23:30 BST Live @ Moth Club (iCal, webcal) Britney, Helen Bauer, Jack Barry, Ken Cheng, Rob Copland, Toussaint Douglass
  3. The Paddock

    - 22:00 BST Live @ The Bill Murray (iCal, webcal) Britney, Ele McKenzie, Eleri Morgan, Frankie Thompson, Jo Griffin, Johnny White Really-Really, Lorna Rose Treen, Sarah Roberts, Siblings, Toussaint Douglass
  4. Brixton Performs presents Toussaint Douglass

    - 21:30 GMT Live @ The Ritzy (iCal, webcal) Abigail Carter-Simpson, Jamie D'Souza, Leo Reich, Olga Koch, Sarah Callaghan, Toussaint Douglass
  5. 21Soho Presents...

    - 21:45 GMT Live @ 21 Soho (iCal, webcal) Annie McGrath, Ian Smith, John Kearns, Marise Gaughan, Tony Law, Toussaint Douglass