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I go to a lot of comedy, and over the years I’ve got a feel for what I’m going to enjoy and where to see it, but with so much to see it’s hard to decide who to see when.

Given that there’s no single comprehensive option available online to see everything that’s on and then narrow down options based on who you like, where you are, etc I currently check dozens of listings/ticketing sites, venues, acts, social media, etc to find out what’s on that may be of some degree of interest. I then add these to a series of calendars which I use to prioritise what I want to see. These are all imported to this site. Whilst dozens of sources are used to create these listings they are still a personal selection based on who I like and where I am, some things won’t be included because they’re impractical for me to get to or because the lineup includes people I’m seeing a lot in surrounding dates. That said, I think there’s a lot of interesting stuff for any (London based) looking for something to see.