Any events are accurate when added, but please do check the accompanying event links as they are always subject to change.

With so much to see it’s hard to keep track of what’s on and decide who to see when. I go to a lot of comedy, and over the years I’ve got a feel for what I’m going to enjoy and where to see it.

I have a personal set of calendars with various categories that I use to plan what I’m going to see, and I move stuff from calendar to calendar to prioritise things until I book stuff – which then blocks out that slot for other shows – which then get demoted. The listings on here are an amalgamation of those calendars (along with some calendars that I’ve put together for certain venues).

The menu above contains links to shows to view listings shows that I’ve just added, everything in date order (live and online), a rolling list of events for the forthcoming month, and a calendar view.