Entries are subject to change. Please check the accompanying event links.

With so much to see it’s hard to keep track of what’s on, and to decide who to see when. I go to a lot of comedy, and over the years I’ve got a feel for what I’m going to enjoy and where to see it. In planning what to see I have set up a set of calendars that I use to prioritise things until I book them – which then frees up another slot and so on until I’ve got a selection that I’m happy with. In setting up this site as a record of what I’ve actually seen I realised I could import all the entries from my calendars and then embed the ones I’d seen. As such, the links above now contain a hand picked selection of all the comedy shows (mainly in London) that I am in some way interested in seeing. It’s not a list of all shows that people I like are on the bill for, it can depend on the quality (to me) of the overall bill, but I think it’s a fairly comprehensive list of good shows, many of which people might not easily have known about.