Any events are accurate when added, but please do check the accompanying event links as they are always subject to change.

With so much to see it’s hard to keep track of what’s on and decide who to see when. I go to a lot of comedy, and over the years I’ve got a feel for what I’m going to enjoy and where to see it.

As part of my own scheduling, in addition to those things I’ve already booked for, I’ve started adding a selection of shows to the site that I am considering or (if I wasn’t already busy) would consider going to. There’s not really any criteria for what’s added – other than it’s stuff that interests me on some level.

You can view stuff that I’ve just added, everything in date order, a rolling list of events for the forthcoming month (essentially the same as everything but just shorter), a calendar view, and I’ve also put up some Edfringe suggestions from when I was combing through for what to see in preview. I think there will be some cool stuff that people might not otherwise have known about.