Woolwich Works



Woolwich Works
The Fireworks Factory
11 No. 1 Street
SE18 6HD


Upcoming Events

  1. Woolwich Works In Progress: Eric Rushton: I Had A Dream And You Were All In It

    until 21:00 Erich Rushton Link(s): https://www.woolwich.works/events/woolwich-works-in-progress-eric-rushton

Previous Events

  1. Woolwich Works in Progress: Jordan Brookes and Leo Reich

    until 21:30 Jordan Brookes, Leo Reich Link(s): https://www.woolwich.works/events/woolwich-works-in-progress-jordan-brookes-and-leo-reich
  2. Woolwich Works in Progress: Olga Koch and Micky Overman

    until 21:30 Micky Overman, Olga Koch Link(s): https://www.woolwich.works/events/woolwich-works-in-progress-olga-koch-and-micky-overman
  3. Woolwich Works in Progress Olga Koch and Priya Hall

    until 21:30 Olga Koch, Priya Hall Link(s): https://www.woolwich.works/events/woolwich-works-in-progress-olga-koch-and-priya-hall
  4. Woolwich Works in Progress: Hannah Platt and Micky Overman

    until 21:30 Hannah Platt, Micky Overman Link(s): https://www.woolwich.works/events/woolwich-works-in-progress-hannah-platt-and-micky-overman
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