Ted Milligan


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    1. 21Soho's Queerly Beloved

      - 20:45 BST Live @ 21 Soho (iCal, webcal) Ania Magliano, Charlie George, Imogen Trusselle, Susie McCabe, Ted Milligan
    2. Mudfish Comedy Xmas Party

      - 23:30 GMT Live (iCal, webcal) Horseplay, Imogen Trusselle, Mudfish, Pravanya Pillay, Rohan Sharma, Ted Milligan, Will Owen
    3. Wendy's House

      - 21:45 BST Live @ 2Northdown (iCal, webcal) Derek Mitchell, Imogen Trusselle, Jodie Mitchell, Kathy Maniura, Sharon Wanjohi, Ted Milligan
    4. Big Pig: Hogwash

      - 23:30 BST Live @ Paper Dress Vintage (iCal, webcal) Ada Player, Britney, Cheekykita, Julia Masli, Katie Norris, Patrick Healy, Ted Milligan