@ The Bill Murray

You could try but you’d be hard pushed to come up with a better show than this. When I go to these 110% I’m going for Kearns and Cahill, so the fewer guests the better in my book. If you’re going to have someone else on then having it be someone of as high quality as James Acaster is perfect.

Before the show I put in a request for Pat to play Mr Tickle as I was going with someone seeing them for the first time and wanted them to be able to see it. Very kindly they noted my request during the show and did it which was an added bonus.
It’s essentially an incredibly stupid idea, but it’s incredibly funny and I think I could listen to him do it on a loop and it’d probably just get funnier.

James Acaster is just a comedic genius. It’s an overused word, but he’s at the top of his game and is at that point where he can just talk for 40 minutes and it’s funnier than most road tested stuff other comedians work on for months. Not only does he know how to write funny stuff, he knows how to perform it and then craft it into a finished show. Such a pleasure to see him perform.