@ Cutty Sark Theatre

Cutty Sark Theatre: Tony Law and Andy Field

until 22:00

Enjoy surreal and asburd comedy with award-winning Tony Law and BBC New Comedy Finalist Andy Field before they hit the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tony Law: Four-time Chortle award winner returns with a brand new show. As seen on Have I Got News for You, 8 out of 10 Cats and more.

Andy Field: Since last year Andy Field has been keeping a diary full of his thoughts, feelings and silly ideas. Now he’s going to perform the best bits in an odd combination of bleak personal confessions and fun, light-hearted jokes and stories. It’s the perfect marriage of whiny oversharing and surreal silliness that no one asked for but everyone can enjoy.

Event page:

The Cutty Sark is not a venue that instantly springs to mind for watching comedy (or being a venue), and if not for the fact I was doing an extensive search for every Tony Law show going (to fit in with a complicated dual schedule) I’d have been none the wiser. As it happens this event was rescheduled because of the World Cup (I assume) and in the interim we ended up seeing him two other times in quick succession, but a chance to see him at such a venue could not be passed up – even if it did mean writing off tickets to another show.

Not everything was open but the place was empty so we got to see all the good stuff for nothing without any pesky people and saw a nice sunset from the deck. Even without the show it’s a tremendous (and cheaper) way to get to see the place.

Tony Law is a funny, funny man.

I really want to know what the Space Bear routine was originally.