The Michael Edwards Studio Theatre is Cutty Sark’s unique performing arts space, located in the ship’s lower hold where precious tea and wool cargoes were stacked over a century ago. In the evening, the central section can be converted into a remarkable theatre, the only one of its kind in the world. Our changing programme of events includes cabaret, comedy, one-man shows, lectures, musical performances and small-scale drama.



Cutty Sark Theatre
Cutty Sark, Michael Edwards Studio Theatre
SE10 9HT


Upcoming Events

  1. Tony Law + Ian Smith

    until 21:00 (link) Ian Smith, Tony Law
  2. Fern Brady + Carl Donnelly

    until 21:30 (link) Carl Donnelly, Fern Brady

Previous Events

  1. Cutty Sark Theatre: Tony Law and Andy Field

    until 22:00 (link) Andy Field, Tony Law
  2. Josh Widdicombe + Ivo Graham

    until 22:00 (link) Ivo Graham, Josh Widdicombe
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