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  1. Lou Sanders & Vanessa Hammick

    until 20:00 @ The FA's Comedy Room (link link) Lou Sanders, Vanessa Hammick
  2. Old Rope - Lou Sanders

    until 22:30 (link link) Brett Goldstein, Lou Sanders, Luke McQueen, Mae Martin, Nish Kumar, Tom Ward, Vanessa Hammick
  3. Bullpen Comedy

    until 18:30 @ 2Northdown (link link) Elf Lyons, Fiona Sagar, Heidi Regan, Karen Hobbs, Sara Pascoe, Vanessa Hammick
  4. Charity Comedy Fundraiser for Bears Trapped in Captivity

    until 22:00 @ Backyard Comedy Club (link link) Adam Hess, Brett Goldstein, Daniel Kitson, Lou Sanders, Luke McQueen, Sara Pascoe, Sarah Kendall, Vanessa Hammick