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Yes please! It’s LIVE_stream; the show about the world of media that’s not only performed live at the Moth Club but also broadcast around the world to up to five different countries1. Hosted by “generally a long time fan of the internet” (his own words!) Mat Ewins.

Come down and witness a frenetic barrage of videos, interviews, songs, bespoke computer games and special guests in the form of top comedians and celebrities from online videos 2

  1. At the time of going to print these include: Spain, Poland, Lichtenstein, Paraguay and the UK. Do you live in a different country? Get in touch and we’ll add it to the list.
  2. At the time of going to print these include: “lady who bought too much ham” (the lady), “listen to these brothers with trumpets up butts” (the taller brother), and “you won’t believe the bmx tricks this dog can do” (just the owner, not the dog who has since died)
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