Special Guest Andy Field and Hufflepuff House.

Released 24 August 2018 Available on Apple Podcasts and acast
On this week’s episode, Norris & Parker are recording live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in their apartment, next door to a baked potato cafe. They inform us on how their show ‘Burn the Witch’ is doing and whether or not Sinead has overcome her onset of Fringe Agoraphobia. We hear part two of the sketch “Brian’s Story” and they dou sing us a snippet from the show. Plus special guest Andrew Field regails Katie and SInead with his own Edinburgh show experiences and what Harry Potter house he feels most at home with. As always, there are sketches, songs and a hidden bonus material, so listen out till the very end to find out Trish’s fate.
Last in the series, but a new series in a few weeks, so all is good with the world.