In this episode Tom has just moved into a his new room in Wandsworth and is getting to know his live-in landlord Martin (Jeff Innocent) before he heads out for his weekly shop at Tesco. Tom learns the house rules: the main one being that he’s not allowed guests when Martin’s out. But Tom already has plans to start recording a weekly podcast from home to salvage his faltering career! His first guest is double Fosters winning comedian John Kearns, who discusses soup, bleeding gums, mental health and why the Barbican is bollocks. Tom Ward – As himself Martin – Jeff Innocent John Kearns – As ‘himself’ Molly Offended – Katie Norris ‘Why don’t you fancy me?’ – Performed by Norris and Parker All music – Lawrence Diamond & Adam Easton (aka LNLY)
Apple Podcasts John Kearns = excellent. Everything else in this = excellent.