Kieran Hodgson Trilogy (French Exchange, Lance, Maestro)

18th December 2016 @ Pleasance Theatre

Character comedian Kieran Hodgson has spent the last three years writing shows about how he was a bit awkward as a teenager. Now, for one night only he brings all three to the Pleasance Theatre for a spectacular night of laughter, storytelling and silly accents. Three shows, 25,000 words, an exercise bike, a violin and a comic voice coming of age. Catch this unique experience before Kieran collapses from exhaustion and vows never to do it again.

As seen on Upstart Crow, Jonathan Creek, Downton Abbey, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Count Arthur Strong, Drifters and We’re Doomed!: The Dad’s Army Story.

1800 – 1900 French Exchange
1900 – 2000 Dinner Break
2000 – 2100 Lance
2100 – 2130 Drink Break
2130 – 2230 Maestro

French Exchange

In 2003 a US-led coalition went to war with Iraq and Kieran Hodgson spent 10 days living with a very nice French family. Kieran Hodgson’s magical and scantily-reviewed 2014 Edinburgh show returns to the Pleasance for one night only: a tale of Kieran’s experiences on an unforgettable school trip where he truly learnt the meaning of ‘croissants’, which is ‘crescents’.

‘Hilarious…Hodgson is delightful to spend time with.’ – The Guardian
‘Stuffed with vibrant comic characters…elegant and impressive…and the show is really funny’ – Fest
‘Top 5 of the Free Fringe 2014’ – The Times
‘Goes into great detail’ – Time Out


In 2003 Lance Armstrong won his 5th Tour de France title, and a young boy in West Yorkshire believed in him. Now a character comedian, he (the boy) remains in the Pleasance for one night only with a heartfelt and hilarious 2015 Edinburgh show about growing up, betrayal by professional athletes, and redemption.

Nominated for Best Show – 2015 Edinburgh Comedy Awards

‘Warm, funny and seamlessly delivered’ – The Sunday Times
‘Every line of his script is wired for laughter’ – The Guardian
‘A rapid-fire succession of high-quality jokes’ – The Scotsman
‘Masterful…a tour de force’ – Londonist


In 2003 Kieran Hodgson heard the music of Gustav Mahler and decided to write a symphony. 13 years later Kieran (still in the Pleasance for one night only) takes to the stage with a violin and a story about falling in love and attempting something far beyond your abilities.

Nominated for Best Show – 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards

‘The Fringe’s finest hour’ – London Evening Standard
‘Superlative…a must-see solo act’ – The List
‘This is everything an Edinburgh show ought to be: hilarious, moving, daft and fast-paced’ – The Observer
‘Maestro is a whip-smart, intensely personal ode to following one’s heart that’s by turns confessional, satirical, surreal and even stirring, one in which the next big laugh is never more than a semiquaver away’ – The Daily Telegraph