Twelfth Night…

5th January 2016 @ King’s Cross Theatre


Celebrate the end of the festive season with Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, replete with a cast of 12 of London’s most exciting comedians.
This production is a one-night-only event, taking place on the actual Twelfth Night: 5th January 2016, 7.30pm at the King’s Cross Theatre (Goods Way, London N1C 4UR. All profits from the sale of tickets will be given to Refugee Action. Refugee Action is a lifeline for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. They have more than 35 years’ experience of working with people seeking safety, responding to their needs so that no one seeking safety will be forced to live on the streets or in poverty, and giving a voice to one of the most marginalised groups in the UK. For more information, please visit their website:

Twelfth Night Overview

It’s the 12th day of Christmas, and in Olivia’s country house the festivities are still in full swing. The booze flows and the music jumps – in spite of clean-living yoga man Malvolio’s attempts to quell the party. Viola is a lonely activist on the run from the authorities; a prankster with a sassy curiosity. Amongst the heaping bin bags of a prolonged festive revelry, with seasoned pisshead Toby belch at the helm, she finds the perfect place to hide. A very 2016 take on this classic story of love, drink, mistaken identity and a prank gone way too far.