ID: 436 – Harry Hill & Friends: Adventures in Entertainment 3

12th June 2015, 8:00pm @ Union Chapel

TV’s bespectacled maverick-loon and his two-piece band, ‘The Caterers’, bring the commendably barmy HARRY HILL & FRIENDS: ADVENTURES IN ENTERTAINMENT to the most beautiful venue in the capital for its third episode.


Although I had been going to comedy on a fairly regular basis for a couple of years I probably consider this show to be the one that truly opened my eyes to the joys of live comedy. It was clear from watching people come in and (then more definitively) from the way they responded to his material that the majority of the audience were familiar with Harry Hill primarily from his work on ITV and a lot of them seemed to be baffled by what he was doing. This is not to say that he didn’t go down well, but there was a definite vibe in the room that people were not getting what they expected, a vibe that I very much enjoy. Given all this, everyone else on the bill may as well have been speaking a foreign language to large swathes of the audience.

I’d seen Harry Hill and Tim Key live a number of times so I’d booked based on them, and of course they were brilliant, but John Kearns and Tash & Ellie were the true revelations. I absolutely adored them and they’ve been firm favourites of mine ever since, the fact that a lot of people didn’t get them in some way made the comedy snob in me enjoy them even more.

To top it all off, because I’d booked a load of tickets to other Invisible Dot shows, when I arrived they very kindly presented me with a box of Quality Street which I then proceeded to sort out – as is my wont.