Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Episodes 64 and 65: Bob Mortimer and Lou Sanders

1st June 2015 @ Leicester Square Theatre

Episode 64: Bob Mortimer – Do you believe in Calgon?

Richard is back and exhausted from fatherhood and trying to remember how these work and he’s smarting from Alan Sugar rejecting his proposed titles for the saggy-faced Lord’s autobiography. And there are a few changes and additions thanks to the successful video Kickstarter campaign. The guest has worked with Richard before, but has no memory of it at all, it’s Middlesbrough’s finest Bob Mortimer. There is some quite specific conversation about the roads in Linthorpe, speculation that Richard may have unknowingly played with a future rock star in his childhood, and the revelation of why Chris Rea was quiet when he was on Shooting Stars. Plus some fantastically and worryingly detailed conversations about terrorist atrocities and how to dispose of a body. Where would we be in a world with no lime?

Episode 65: Lou Sanders – The Pink Bike Helmet of Doom.

Richard chats to his audience, with faces old and new, including a mum and daughter that lead him to some dark thoughts and a laughing financial advisor. His guest is eccentric, comedic barmpot, Lou Sanders who reveals her sexy French inner clown, how she foresaw her own death and how she used comedy to cope with breaking up with her fiance. Richard reminisces about their short-lived show on Fubar radio, tries to discover what reiki actually is and is forced to contemplate whether aliens exist. Surely this is the guest most likely to have ever seen a Bigfoot? But even Lou isn’t as strange as the inhabitants of LA. You will see this fantastic comedian in all her confident fragility and uncompromising honesty as she achieves a rare accolade: confusing some Reeves and Mortimer fans.