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Up The Creek
302 Creek Rd
SE10 9SW


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  • Previous Events

    1. Sunday Special

      until 22:15 Alistair Green, Arnab Chanda, Daniel Kitson, Fern Brady, Sam Lake Link(s): http://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/4nov2018
    2. Sunday Special

      until 22:15 Adam Hess, Carl Donnelly, Daniel Kitson, Greg Davies, Olga Koch Link(s): http://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/4nov2018
    3. Sunday Special

      until 22:15 Daniel Kitson, Desiree Burch, Ed Gamble, John Kearns, Nic Sampson Link(s): http://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/11nov2018
    4. The Goodfather

      until 22:30 Lucy Hopkins, Phil Kay, Róisín & Chiara, Russell Hicks, Stewart Lee, Tom Ward, Tony Law Link(s): https://en-gb.facebook.com/events/330164034243475/ https://www.up-the-creek.com/events/goodfather/
    5. Sunday Special!

      until 22:15 Daniel Kitson, Nic Sampson, Rosie Jones, Tony Law Link(s): http://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/27oct2019
    6. Sunday Special! 15th Birthday Spectacular

      until 22:15 Daniel Kitson, David O'Doherty Link(s): http://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/birthday-show-2feb2020
    7. Freya Parker and Dan Cook (Works In Progress)

      until 20:45 Dan Cook, Freya Parker Link(s): https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/freya-parker-dan-cook-work-progress#overview
    8. Sunday Special (Early Show)

      until 19:30 Ivo Graham, Lou Sanders Link(s): https://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/15nov2020
    9. Sunday Special (Late Show)

      until 21:45 Ivo Graham, Lou Sanders Link(s): https://www.sundayspecial.co.uk/book-tickets/15nov2020
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