The Albany



The Albany
240 Great Portland Stree


Upcoming Events

  1. Lou Sanders & Yasmine Day WIPs

    until 20:00 (link) Lou Sanders, Yasmine Day
  2. Flora Anderson: Romantic (WIP)

    until 19:30 (link) Flora Anderson
  3. Bridget Christie & Siblings WIPs

    until 22:00 (link) Bridget Christie, Siblings

Previous Events

  1. Objectively Funny Wednesdays: 09/01/19

    until 22:00 (link) Bobby Mair, Emmy Fyles, Jayde Adams, Martin Willis, Phil Wang, Pope Lonergan, Róisín & Chiara, Zack Zucker
  2. Rosie Jones & Adam Hess: Laugh Out London Previews

    until 22:00 (link) Adam Hess, Rosie Jones
  3. Sarah Keyworth & Catherine Bohart

    until 22:00 (link) Catherine Bohart, Sarah Keyworth
  4. Preview Double Bill: Roisin & Chiara and Ed & Joz

    until 22:00 (link) Ed Aczel, Joz Norris, Róisín & Chiara
  5. Fern Brady & Siblings: Laugh Out London Previews

    until 22:00 (link) Fern Brady, Siblings