Museum of Comedy



Museum of Comedy
The Undercroft
St George’s Church, Bloomsbury Way


Upcoming Events

  1. Jo Griffin: People Person (WIP)

    until 20:00 Jo Griffin Link(s):
  2. Britney & Jo Griffin: Edinburgh Preview

    until 21:15 Britney, Jo Griffin Link(s):
  3. Tom Mayhew: Trash Rich

    until 19:50 Tom Mayhew Link(s):
  4. Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares? (Work In Progress)

    until 21:30 Leo Reich Link(s):

Previous Events

  1. Tony Law: Identifies

    until 20:00 Tony Law Link(s):
  2. Chloe Petts: Transience (Work-in-Progress)

    until 20:00 Chloe Petts Link(s):
  3. Lulu Popplewell: Goblin (Work in Progress)

    until 21:30 Lulu Popplewell Link(s):
  4. Davina Bentley: Never Again 2 - Work in Progress

    until 20:00 Davina Bentley Link(s):
  5. Siân & Lulu’s Marketable Comedy Concept

    until 20:00 Lulu Popplewell, Siân Docksey Link(s):
  6. Celya AB: Swimming (WIP)

    until 18:00 Celya AB Link(s):
  7. Chloe Petts: Transience (Work in Progress)

    until 20:00 Chloe Petts Link(s):
  8. Jo Griffin + Kat Bond = 1 Hour

    until 20:00 Jo Griffin, Kathryn Bond Link(s):
  9. The Monday Club

    until 21:00 Andy Field, Charlie George, Ed Aczel, Freya Mallard, Jake Baker, Jamie Allerton, Jamie D'Souza, Lenny Sherman, Luke Craig, Matty Hutson, Michael Akadiri, Pat Cahill, Tony Dunn Link(s):
  10. Carla Gordon & Sarah Roberts Get Cancelled Or Die Trying

    until 20:00 Carla Gordon, Sarah Roberts Link(s):
  11. Ali Brice: I Tried to Be Funny, But You Weren't Looking

    until 20:00 Ali Brice Link(s):
  12. Ania Magliano

    until 20:00 Ania Magliano Link(s):
  13. Olga Koch & Rajiv Karia Previews

    until 22:30 Olga Koch, Rajiv Karia Link(s):
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