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Whatever you’re doing right now my strong advice is to stop it and watch Stath Lets Flats on C4 instead...unless of course you already are

@domjoly Having now watched Stath Lets Flats, I couldn't agree with you more. Genuinely hilarious!

The passion and perseverance that has gone into this show is incredible. Proud doesn't cover it. Godspeed tonight @JamieTonight https://t.co/C56TS0NGyI

Some preview clips from Stath Lets Flats. Apparently I show people around flats in it! https://t.co/VgL4nrhCrz

The other day a close male friend asked me if maybe the #MeToo stuff, the 'women's equality' stuff had gone far enough now. It hasn't, it never will. A female comedian walking home after her gig - I have no words. #EurydiceDixon https://t.co/iHfu5CwB1e

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They said we couldn't do it but we did - the perfect sketch: Ghost Orgy. Watch us - Sheeps - perform it live tonight at the Soho Theatre. Some last tix available! https://t.co/rPu2SetVWp

March 27th

I would like to apologise in advance to anyone named Colin Robinson. https://t.co/aYaJqAOaHL

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