In this episode Tom learns more about new landlord Martin’s time on the New Romantic scene before he is secretly joined by ‘sex and intimacy gurus’ Nina and Simone (Roisin and Chiara) for his weekly podcast. But the clock is ticking…will he complete the interview and get them out before Martin returns from Tesco?

Tom Ward – As himself
Martin – Jeff Innocent
Nina – Chiara Goldsmith (of Roisin and Chiara)
Simone – Roisin O’Mahony (of Roisin and Chiara)
Molly Offended – Katie Norris
‘Why don’t you fancy me?’ – Performed by Naomi McDonald
Bailiff 1 (Ron) – Joe Jacobs
Bailiff 2 (Ray) – Tony ‘Milton’ Wilson
All Music – Lawrence Diamond & Adam Easton (AKA LNLY)

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